Monday, February 15, 2010

Thing 5

LinkedItn - I had trouble with this the first time I tried it, but Groupwise was having difficulty that weekend and I don't know if that's the cause. It worked fine the following Monday, I got my confirmation email, and was then getting responses to those I have contacted. I also got generic emails from some past-parents who are involved in business. I found this to be bothersome, as I have had no contact in years, and no use for what they were offering. I think this is a wonderful tool for those who have something or service to sell, but don't immediately see a use for educators. We have an audience with different needs than those supported by LinkedIn.


  1. It is frustrating when GroupWise is down!

  2. I can see how service oriented people would benefit from LinkedIn - they rely almost completely on referrals. People that I have a service oriented relationship have discovered that I am on LinkedIn and connected with me. I also have connections with people that are crossing over from education to business.