Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thing 3
So much capability! I found it compelling that classrooms are doing Silent Sustained Reading using blogs! Getting over the fact that the classrooms had sufficient computers for this to work, to let elementary children choose blogs they were interested in reading is incredible. (They weren't allowed to add to the blogs at this time, however.)
I found the blog about the technology "natives" vs "immigrants" to be interesting. I agree that it certainly does increase the comfort level of those on the younger side of the divide. However, this does give a false sense of capability. We can't assume that all of our students inherently know how to do things with electronic gadgets. Skills do need to be explicitly taught.
While there is an infinite offering of blog topics to read, and the capabilities of communicating in a broad variety of ways are now at hand, is this going to make us more isolated?

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  1. No - I don't think blogging is going to make us more isolated; just knitted together differently. I tried to imagine your students doing Silent Sustained Reading using blogs...maybe not today, but this is something that could be around the corner.